Another Review for Hindsight – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Broadway Baby Rating:
Kier McAllister’s new play Hindsight examines the butterfly effect of our life choices, not only on ourselves but on those we love. On the eve of proposing to his girlfriend, student Rob (James Kirk) is busy making some duck spring rolls for a romantic dinner for two. However, when the doorbell rings it isn’t his girlfriend Nicky, but a balaclava-clad man who knows an awful lot more than he should do about Rob. Confronted by first one, then two older versions of himself (Raymond Mearns and Paul Sneddon), Rob has to come to terms with the consequences of what he is about to do.This one hour play is split in tone and pace into two halves. The first slowly builds the premise on which the piece hangs but it is let down by the rhythm of the dialogue which feels strained and unnatural at times. The second then ramps up the action by adding more complications and convolutions on top. There are glimmers of lyrical dialogue in parts and some interesting points made, there are also some subtle and clever jokes too, but they are almost all lost in between the rapid fire delivery and bits of unnecessarily crude dialogue that seem to be trying hard to shock – but merely jars. To its credit, the writing does however reflect the Scottish male psyche well. The set too is inventive, Rob’s flat being cleverly realised on the tiny stage.

The actors cope well with what they’ve been given: Kirk is thoroughly believable as 22 year old, prospect free Rob and Mearns’ delivery of the warp speed dialogue deserves credit. Sneddon too, when he appears, is a welcome addition as the oldest future Rob, providing the voice of reason in the piece and a refreshing change of pace and tone.

This is an interesting premise and the quality of the actors and creative team is in no doubt. However, there’s a nagging feeling of something missing about the whole piece, the dialogue needs to be more naturalistic to be believable and a less cluttered plot might have erased any doubts.

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Hindsight – Another Great Review!!!

Please find below another great review for the play “Hindsight” playing now at Studio One in the Assembly Rooms as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Hindsight


Words by Susan Fordhindsight

Hindsight is a new play written by Keir McAllister especially for this year’s Fringe, and stars three Scottish actors James Kirk, Ray Mearns and Paul Sneddon.  Keir McAllister, and the cast, are all great comedians in their own rights, and bring very unique comedic quirks to the play. At 13.15 in the gorgeous George Street Assembly Rooms, ‘Hindsight’ is a true afternoon Fringe delight.

The three actors, as mentioned, personally contribute something very original to the play, and are extremely well suited to their characters.  Kirk portrays a young man, confident and brash in his youth.  Mearns is a bitter middle-aged man, who plays his part with convincing anger, and lending his Glaswegian accent poetically to the role.  Sneddon plays an older, and wiser man, a character who’s wisdom ties the ending together.

And how do they meet, or know each other within the play? That I can’t tell you, I wouldn’t want to give away an excellent story line. At first, it’s very difficult to figure out what is going on, but then as Mearn’s removes his balaclava, it all starts to sink in to place. One theme that is very dominant throughout however, is that of love: how do we handle love at different ages, what will we do for love and where are the boundaries that we are willing to push to discover just how much we love someone?

‘Hindsight’ offers a few themes in fact that will make you think about yourself, persuading you to side with one of the characters that may well represent your own personality the most.  Because of McAllister’s background as a comedian, Hindsight has been written with wit and humour in mind, and the three actors bring their comedy skills in to the mix throughout as well.  So, whilst you are trying to place yourself as a character in Hindsight, you will also have a good laugh in doing it.

Hindsight is on at 13.15 at Assembly, George Street

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Hindsight – Blog / Review – Chris Bartter

Monday, 5 August 2013

Is the Personal, the Political? Fringe Blog no 1

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Early in the Edinburgh Fringe, and already themes are becoming apparent. The gap between the personal and the wider population seems to be a significant theme, both directly and indirectly! It is an obvious factor when considering the political situation, and the increase in political topics at this years fringe has maybe contributed to the significance of this (see my piece on this in the Morning Star here ) but it hasn’t only impacted on obvious political material.
Hindsight - a first play from Scottish comedian Keir McAllister has no obvious political message, although the broad topic of individual decisions and their impact on others – especially when a male ego is involved – has considerable resonance in many gender politics debates!
How much do we make decisions affecting other people in our own interests, and how often do we take theirs into account? And if we only look at it from our perspective, can we ever supersede our own ego?
McAllister gets that across in what is essentially a one person play – albeit with three actors. And he does it with humour and humanity. Obviously having a director of the calibre of Phillip Differ, and actors like Raymond Mearns, James Kirk and Paul Sneddon, all regulars on the standup circuit, gives the play a fighting chance. You should give it more than that. It is worth it and a good first start. It’s at the Assembly Rooms until Aug 24,  1.15pm
You can read Chris’ blog by following this link:
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Another **** 4 Star Review for “Hindsight” – Edinburgh Festival Magazine

With minimal set, props or gimmicky effects, it was down to the scripts, direction and actor’s skill to hold our attention for the full hour in Keir McAllister’s play, “Hindsight”.      I, for one, could not take my eyes off the stage. 

As you would expect from a stand-up who has written for shows such as Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News, the discourse between the three main characters was clever, funny, self-aware and fast-paced. There were a number of brilliantly subtle and hilarious jokes, but sometimes I feared so subtle and delivered at such speed, they could be missed by some. You need to keep your wits about you.

Without such good actors, these words could fall flat. This, happily, is not the case. James Kirk (Gary: Tank Commander and Bob Servant) is likeable, believable and brilliant as Rob, the young man about to take that monumental, life changing decision to propose to his girlfriend. Suddenly a masked intruder, bearing many similarities to Rob himself, begins violently laying out his future mistakes. Raymond Mearns is also great as the embittered aggressor, with the dialogue between the two seamless and natural. Paul Sneddon’s appearance towards the end of the play also adds a good balance and makes the audience question what the validity of what they’ve heard.

The brilliant repartee between Kirk and Mearns is not just for laughs; the play’s darker tone brings to light more questions for us to ponder as we leave the theatre: how the decisions we make can impact and determine our future, but also who we become.

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**** 4 Star Review for “Hindsight” Fringe 2013 –

Delighted to post details of the very first review for “Hindsight” the play penned by Keir McAllister, Directed by Phil Differ and featuring James Kirk, Paul Sneddon and yours truly:

Hindsight is a dark comedy play about growing up and the Hadron Collider written by stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene Keir McAllister and features three of his peers James Kirk, Raymond Mearns and Paul Sneddon. Add to the mix the direction of Phil Differ and you can be certain that this is one hour that is never going to be short of laughs and that is a fact.

Set in the flat of student Rob this slick, fast paced drama commences with him waiting for his girlfriend Nicky to come round for a special dinner. The bell doorbell rings and instead of the love of his life there is a baseball bat wielding, balaclava wearing intruder with a strange demand and we are off on a kaleidoscope of mixed feelings, emotions and intrigue peppered throughout with really funny moments.

The script is well written by McAllister, plenty twists and turns as well as comedy to keep the audience on its toes, the characterisation gives plenty of scope for the actors to showcase their talents and Differ’s direction keeps the pot boiling nicely.

The performance I saw was the first one of the run but there was no evidence of this as the sound professional performance was excellent, and I would have no hesitation to recommending this as an excellent way to start the Fringe day.

The Play is on at 1.15pm every day (except 12th August) at Studio 1 in the Assembly Rooms as part of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Waking Up to Myself – 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Show

Thursday August 1st marks the beginning of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the launch of the  brand new Show –Waking Up To Myself! After two very well received preview shows you are invited to come along to see this great show at The Beehive Inn Grasssmarket, Edinburgh each Night @ 7.45pm – Entry is Free.

Seating is limited to the first 50 people on a first come first served basis, if you are looking to see something at the Festival this year I can assure you that this show is as good as, if not better than, the majority of  comedy shows on offer.

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Edinburgh 2013 Fringe Show – Waking Up To Myself

Announcing Preview Shows for the brand new 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Show – Waking Up To Myself! Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July at The Beehive Inn Grasssmarket, Edinburgh each Night @ 7.45pm – Entry is Free.

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A Talk on the Wild Side – Episode 6 – Dr Kenny Taylor

Today @ 1330 hrs on BBC Radio Scotland announcing the last episode in the series of “A Talk on the Wildside” my conversation this week takes place on the beautiful Black Isle and my subject is budding pop star turned naturalist Dr Kenny Taylor! Not only do we have a great chat about outdoor Scotland but Kenny was also kind enough to let me have a “jam” with him – giving a nice wee musical end to the series – enjoy

You still have three days left to hear last weeks conversation with the King of the kayak – Patrick Winterton.

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A Talk on the Wild Side – Episode 5 – Patrick Winterton

After a one week break for the holidays – The return of: “A talk on The Wild Side”.        This week I have a chat with Ex Royal Marine & Olympian – Patrick Winterton about his extreme exploits in a Kayak, and a few other things.

BBC Radio Scotland – Thursday 9th May at 1330 hrs

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A Talk on the Wild Side – Episode 4 – Alastair Scott

Announcing Episode 4 of A Talk on The Wildside. This week I meet Author, Photographer and Globetrotter Alastair Scott Thursday 25th April at 1330 on BBC Radio Scotland.

There is still time to hear the brilliant show from last week featuring Myrtle Simpson


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